Saturday, 31 July 2010


Friends, the best kind of support. They share, talk and listen. So, break the silence on domestic violence, talk to a friend.

In order to carry out our company's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the Treasury Sales & Marketing department made a courtesy visit to the Women's Aid Organization (WAO) yesterday to learn more about their operations as well as to provide some funding. It's nice to know that our philanthropic exercise was positively received by the organization and our company.

The WAO Refuge in Kuala Lumpur shelters an average of 100 women and 100 children per year (the children usually come with their mothers). The background of these women ranges from being battered wives, unwed mothers to abused foreign domestic workers and trafficked women. These women usually come to seek shelter for a period of one to three months.

During their stay at the Refuge, these women receive counselling, legal advice and help in restarting their lives. The WAO social workers occasionally organize weekly programmes and sessions that will impart to the residents not only legal advice but self-confidence, self-worth and job skills to help them lead better lives independently.

I am writing this post to raise awareness to those women who are exposed to such acts of violence. This organization will offer a safe haven and counselling to women in crisis as well as their children. If you need more details or would like to help someone who is suffering from abuse, please call (03) 7956 3488.

 The spirit of giving continues for Treasury Sales and Marketing. :)

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