Sunday, 18 July 2010

Singapore Sling

Am currently basking in the glory of good ol' Singaporean sun with my old peers. Random walks and random chats with affable companions ignite the whole sense of familiarity and comfort despite the fact that I am on foreign shores. It's amazing how some have matured like fine wine into affluent individuals. Conversations like these are worth a king's ransom and I like this feeling of pure contentment; where people just laugh about silly things they did in the past without having to worry about being judged. Yes, humans do eventually learn to forgive, forget and move on. :)

Perhaps this complacent state of mind is also due to the fact that I just tendered my resignation and will soon feel absolutely liberalised from the overly-political and tiresome corporate world. As a result, I am now gradually acclimatizing myself to the long-forgotten days of being a student.

Hence, the oldfangled Summer days have now returned and am mentally, physically and spiritually ready to embark on another exciting journey to Hong Kong come August pronto!

 Sex On The Beach shots. Taken in Butter, Singapore on Friday, 16th July 2010.

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