Monday, 26 July 2010

A Cry For Help

Malaysia is in dire need of an effective way to eliminate crime as crime is perceived to be one of the most pressing problems in society nowadays. Currently, Malaysia is the preferred destination for tourists and unfortunately, criminals. And it definitely does not help when feebleminded policemen, instead of carrying out their lawful duties to mitigate crime, set up unnecessary road blocks in order to make a living by blatantly demanding the public to contribute to corruption through paying bribes.

It does not help either if the government permits the employment of cheap, foreign labour, which also partially contributes to simple thefts, physical injuries caused by direct confrontation and simple wayward robbery. However, I suppose criminals have recently managed to take the progressive road to enhance themselves with investigative knowledge thus making the work of the police more arduous and difficult.

The reason why I decided to highlight this issue is because my boss just recently encountered an unfortunate theft episode in broad daylight, which involved two men on a motorcycle and herself, in her BMW. She happened to be stationary at the traffic lights of a busy crossroad in central Kuala Lumpur, when two men on a motorcycle casually approached the passenger side of her vehicle. Without warning, the backseat rider repeatedly thrust his elbow forcefully against the front passenger window until it shattered. And within the blink of an eye, he skillfully and swiftly grabbed her MYR8,000.00 Louis Vuitton handbag (the bag of course, costing more than its contents) and sped off instantaneously without even showing any signs of remorse. My boss was, of course, too stunned and petrified to react. If I am not mistaken, his arm was probably sheathed in something solid and strong enough to break the window of a BMW, some kind of tool.

Even though she was surrounded by other vehicles and onlookers, nobody was willing to help. Typical Malaysian mentality. Anyway, how can one ever expect lowlife criminals to show pangs of conscience? I suppose it does not take much effort to separate criminals from animals.

The moral of the story is anyhow: Ladies, do not leave your handbags on the passenger seat EVER and always be vigilant of your surroundings wherever you are.

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