Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Modern Woman


What is your definition of a woman?

According to, the definition of a woman is:
1) An adult female human belonging to a specified group, occupation, nationality or other category
2) Feminine quality or aspect; womanliness
3) A female servant or subordinate

 What is your stereotypical perception of a woman?

You know that saying "Women, take care. Men, take charge"? This phrase sums it all. The stereotypical perception of women is that females tend to avoid circumstances that are likely to produce success, that the common goals of an average woman is to find the perfect man, tie the knot, consummate and provide for the basic needs of a family i.e. cook, clean, etc.

However, many young women are now believed to be moving out of the 'traditional' stereotyped roles for females; such females should not be plagued by fear of success. Who says men are the only breadwinners of the family? I would like to lead the world and not just live as the wife of somebody as I believe women can definitely do more than solely adopt the roles of wives, mothers or trophy women.

Since the early 1900s, feminist activists have campaigned for women's legal rights - such as rights of contract, property rights and voting rights - and workplace rights. Such movements have also led to the improvement in equality in terms of freedom of speech as well as the protection of women against domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment.

I have had the privilege to gain education up to tertiary level, the privilege to obtain a job in the "male-dominated" banking industry and am not frowned upon for being a woman, to have the rights to vote and the freedom to voice out my thoughts. It's time to get my career on the move and take the next step up the corporate ladder. :)


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