Saturday, 15 May 2010

Life In The Fab Lane

Experienced living the glitz and glam life for one night as my girlfriends and I were invited by the ever-so-provocative Cai Mei Khoo, the Fashion & Features writer of Harper's Bazaar, to their Fashion In Focus event held at the concourse of The Gardens Mall.

Surrounded by excess estrogen, inclusive of minuscule amounts of testosterone from some fellow male members, plus all that designer paraphernalia, ranging from Chanel hangbags to wicked 6-inch Christian Louboutins, was a pretty interesting experience. Beautiful women and even some swanky MEN were in heels, clad in the most fabulous and fashionable ensemble and carrying the finest bags (one bloke was carrying a burnt orange Birken from Hermes) was a definite eye opener.

The icing on the cake moment of the night was people-watching (identifying who is who and what they do) and mingling with some 6 feet tall and above Brazilian models.

 The Brazilian models and I.

I simply love living life in the fast and fab lane. :)

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